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Current country of residence: Singapore
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Telephone: +65-97630940

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52 Bukit Batok East Avenue 5 #09-01

Singapore 659802

Personal Information

Place of Birth:

Bandung, Indonesia

Date of Birth:

23 July 1973





Permanent Residence:


Marital Status:



English (excellent, written and spoken)
Indonesian (excellent, written and spoken)
Malay (good, written and spoken)


Key Competencies (selected)

·         More than 24 years of experience in the IT industry, with at least 19 years of experience in network and data center infrastructure, and more than 10 years of experience in cloud computing infrastructure.

·         More than 16 years of experience in managing technical support team of a reputable Internet Hosting Service Provider in Singapore, providing top-notch customer service.

·         Hands-on experience in various cloud technologies such as CloudStack, OpenStack, ProxMox, KVM, VMWare, Ceph and Docker, among others.

·         Growing a Singapore-based start-up business to a prominent cloud service provider in Singapore with more than 3,000+ customers.

·         Unparalleled both hands-on technical and management experience.

·         Certified in ITIL v3 Foundation in Service Management and VMWare Technical Solutions Professional (VTSP 2015).




Job Experience

August 2013 - present

SimplerCloud Pte Ltd, Singapore,

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Responsible in running the business and day-to-day operations of SimplerCloud, a Singapore-based cloud service provider, providing 100% self-managed and automated cloud computing services with fast SSDs, instant deployment, on-the-fly scaling and many other advanced features.

Building the cloud infrastructure from the ground up using the latest technologies to provide truly real-time, automated, scalable and easily managed cloud infrastructure. Taking care of the automation by integrating different business systems such as ordering, billing, provisioning and ticketing system to support the business operations.

Evaluating and testing different cloud orchestration technologies such as Eucalyptus, OnApp OpenStack and ProxMox before eventually decided to use CloudStack. Hands-on experience in wide range of cloud virtualization and container technologies such as KVM, VMWare and Docker. Setting up highly scalable, redundant and self-healing Ceph for storage.

Performing sales manager, project manager and pre-sales technical consultant roles to understand customers’ cloud requirements and propose the most suitable solutions. This includes designing and architecting private and hybrid cloud solutions, and implementing the solutions when the deal is closed.

Responsible in growing the cloud business for the company. Doing sales and marketing, manage the company’s P&L, budget and cash-flow. Doing product development and innovation to introduce new services.

April 2000 – July 2013

ICONZ-Webvisions Pte Ltd, Singapore,

Vice President (VP), Network and Engineering

Responsible in leading and managing the group company’s IT department, consists of Unix and Windows system engineers, network and security engineers, customer service officers and application developers in Singapore and across Asia, with total staff strength of about 25 people.

Supervising the network and engineering team across the group to manage all the company’s servers and network infrastructure within the company’s data center facilities in Singapore and across Asia, and to ensure 100% of network uptime. Managing the technical support team and customer service team to provide top-notch technical support to all customers, and handling escalated cases and feedbacks/complaints.

Heavily involved in the planning, setup and implementation of cloud computing infrastructure to bring the company as one of the leading cloud computing providers in Singapore. Overseeing and supervising the implementation of the cloud computing infrastructure on both network and hardware level.

Defining the workflows for the company’s IT provisioning and support systems. Preparing standard operations procedures (SOPs) for various processes to bring the company into ISO 9001 certification for the provisioning of hosting and managed services. Aid in the design and implementation of data center’s security policies and processes.

Providing pre-sales support and design network solutions for customers and meet their various requirements. Also responsible for doing project management for customers, including designing system architecture for customers’ portal requirements, setting up of firewalls, database servers, application servers, and also provisioning of routers and switches in such of setup.

Design, setup, and implementation of Internet data centers and network topology for Singapore Point of Presence (POP), as well as other regional POPs in Asia Pacific such as Malaysia, India, Australia, China and Hong Kong. Liaising with transit providers and peering partners in ensuring good network connectivity and maintaining 100% of network uptime. Dealing with APNIC in getting internet resources such as IP addresses and AS numbers.

Responsible for all aspects of the company’s network infrastructure both locally and internet circuits, in Singapore and all regional countries. Also responsible for good running of all network equipment, such as Cisco 7500-series routers, Cisco Catalyst 6500-, 5500-, 3500- and 2900- series switches, including setting up and managing BGP-4 and OSPF protocol for the routing configuration. Managing, monitoring and troubleshooting of all the company’s communication links and network services as well as all dedicated and co-located servers.

January 1998 – March 2000

The Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association (APJII), Jakarta, Indonesia,

Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX) Technical Team Member,

Responsible for administering and managing the network within the Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX) segment. Administering Cisco routers to establish LAN and WAN connection to almost all ISPs in Indonesia which are connected to the IIX using Ethernet, leased lines and frame relay, including BGP-4 protocol for the routing configuration. Also using SNMP to monitor the network’s performance.



July 1997 – March 2000

PT Rahajasa Media Internet (RADNET), Jakarta, Indonesia,

Dedicated Network Operation Section Head

Responsible for the system administration and management in the company. Administering all the company’s servers, either Sun-based server (Sun Ultra Enterprise 3000 and some other Ultra and Netra servers) or PC-based server, within the SunOS, Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD and Novell Netware operating system environment. Also administering all the network applications which are crucial to an internet service provider, such as the SMTP, POP and IMAP for the e-mail server, web server, domain name (DNS) server, proxy server, news (usenet) server, FTP server, RADIUS (authentication) server and roaming server. Also responsible for developing network applications using UNIX shell scripts, PERL, C/C++, expect, and CGI for the web interface. Also involved with the development of internal application, such as the company’s integrated billing system which is inter-connected to the RADIUS server (using UNIX shell scripts, PERL, expect, CGI) and modules for the company’s customer care division to administer access and mail accounts for user (using PERL and CGI).

Also responsible for administering and managing the company’s network. Responsible for setting up LANs and WANs within the company’s network, using ethernet, leased lines, frame relay, microwave, radiolink and VSAT. Administering Cisco and Bay/Nortel Networks routers to set up the LAN and WAN connections, including OSPF and BGP-4 protocol for the internal and external routing configuration. Using SNMP to monitor the network’s performance, and administering firewall for the network’s security.

July 1995 –
June 1997

PT Rahajasa Media Internet (RADNET), Jakarta, Indonesia,

HTML and CGI Programmer, and Multimedia Specialist

Responsible for developing websites for the company and the company’s clients. Focused on developing the CGI program application for the websites, using UNIX shell scripts, PERL and C/C++. Also implementing some enhancement on CGI and PERL application, such as cgiwrap, UserAgent (LWP) and connection to mysql database server.

February 1994 – November 1994

PT Pandawa Hestiputra, Jakarta, Indonesia

Software Engineer

Responsible for developing software for the company’s clients, using Foxpro 2.0 for LAN. One of the company’s main clients was Perum Pegadaian.



August 1998 – December 1999

University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia, Faculty of Computer Science,

Master Degree on Information Technology

CGPA: 3.37 out of 4.

Three main streams: software engineering, information management and IT infrastructure.

Dissertation: Designing and Implementing the IP Routing Protocol at PT RMI.

July 1991 – June 1996

Gunadarma University, Depok, Indonesia, Faculty of Computer Science,

Bachelor Degree on Information Management

CGPA: 3.41 out of 4.

Dissertation: Using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol and Hypertext Markup Language for Communication between A Web Client and A Web Server


Trainings and Certification


VMWare, Singapore,

VMWare Technical Solutions Professional (VTSP 2015)

Passed the examination and certified.


New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Singapore, Singapore,

ITIL v3 Foundation in Service Management

Passed the examination and certified.



Marketing Institute of Singapore, Singapore,,

Effective Telephone Skills For Excellent Customer Service


Enterprise Promotion Centres Pte Ltd, Singapore,

ISO 9000:1994 QMS Internal Quality Auditors’ Training Course


Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC), Brisbane, Australia,
Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association (APJII), Jakarta, Indonesia,

APNIC Training Program: Effective IP Address Management: Asia-Pacific Policies and Procedures


Cisco Systems, Singapore,
Training Partners, Singapore,

Advanced Cisco Router Configuration


Cisco Systems, Singapore,
Training Partners, Singapore,

Customised Training on Building BGP-enabled Networks


NetAssist Services, Singapore,

Microsoft Approved Course: Installing & Configuring a File, Print and Web Server using Windows 2000 Server (MS 1594)


PPM Institute of Management, Jakarta, Indonesia,

Effective Supervisory Management


Information Dimensions, Jakarta, Indonesia,

BASIS Intranet Tutorial


Gunadarma University, Depok, Indonesia, Computer Development Division,

Novell Netware and Local Area Network (LAN) Course


Gunadarma University, Depok, Indonesia, Computer Development Division,

IBM AS/400 Computer Operation and Programming in RPG/400 Batch Course

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